Friday, May 21, 2010

The night of the no so best offers

Last nights offers were a doozy! It really astonishes me what some people consider a 'best offer'. I'm such a busy person and to see these kinda of offers just disheartens me. I had a $11.99 item...offer $1.99 and the big one $64 in merchandise.....offer $10. Now most buyers don't know that ebay takes 12% of my sales right off the bat, then you have to pay paypal their % and finally the insertion fees we are charged. If buyers can't find the deal they like blame ebay for their high fees. I offer name brand items already at a 50% reduction, I ship internationally (a lot of seller won't), and I will consider best offers, but these were not. Gosh, I think I'd be paying them to take my items off my hands. Any who, it must be either the buyers are unaware of the extremely high over head or just don't care. Ahhh.... enough of my complaining! Hope everyone has a great weekend, and please nice to your sellers! LOL

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