Monday, August 9, 2010

So, you want to start selling online and don't know where to start?

So, you want to start selling online and don't know where to start? Here are some tips to get you started. Got extra stuff laying around the house or want to make some xtra cash for the Holidays, this is the way to do it! I've had some questions from non-sellers about how to get started, This is my best advice to you:)
~1. Great selling sites to try
a- ebay...although ebay charges THE MOST in fees it is still the best online selling site out there for making fast cash. With ebay, if you do not have a store they will let you list up to 100 auctions for free as long as they start under .99 cents. If you decide to list this way, first you will need to sign up with ebay. If you have already bought from ebay before you're already half way there! Most likely you already have a paypal account so you can start selling right away! Just go to 'sell' on your 'my ebay' page and fill out the form, it's easy to follow. One thing to keep in mind is that ebay has been putting holds on payments from new sellers with feedback under 100 for up to 28 days or until the buyer leaves feedback...ebay is the only site doing this. Fees for ebay is around 12%-16% of your selling price.
B- ecrater...ecrater is a free site to list and sell on, the only fees you will pay is for paypal to process your payments. Ecrater is not as established as ebay so it may take longer to sell your items. Ecrater has great Google feeds and lots of extras for your to track you biz!
C- Bonanzle...Bonz is a BIG up and comer! It is gaining popularity by the day with ebay refugees! It's free to set up a basic store there, add pictures for free, but they do charge a final value fee, but it's pennies compared to ebay. I love Bonz! I'm hoping to make it my home very soon.
D-a multiply store...mulitply offers a great option to turn your blog page into a store. As we know Multiply has awesome google feeds, and now we can see who is looking at our ads out of multiply with the 'visitor' avis
E- to list and sell here. I have not tried this one yet but it also has great Google feeds and paypal will be the only fees you pay. check out my post on this site at
1~ take good pictures! Great pictures will sell the item for you! make sure to take off any time/date stamps on your pics. If listing on ebay's free auction option you get one picture free, each additional picture is .15 cents each. If you open a store auctions start at .25 cents, fixed price items are .05 cents and pictures are free.
2~ list your items accurately. List every little thing. This way you won't have any problems later down the rode.make sure you list: size, condition, measurements, color, any damage, material content and anything relevant to your item. This will also keep the amount of questions down that you are asked. Try to keep it as short and sweet as you can.
3~advertise your items. Multiply is a great place to advertise, plus the Google feeds help!
4~ Use 'widgets'. Widget will help you advertise. For ebay use 'quicksell' at or ebaytogo at
these are pretty easy to follow. Most online selling sites have there own widgets.
5~ join our group. I'm an administrator for a large selling group here on multiply under my Coolstuff2cheap name. There we give tips of the trade for just about anything. This group can help! Find it at
6~network with other sellers! Most sellers are willing to help, give advice and share what they know. Don't be afraid to ask questions. I will try to help anyone who needs it the best I can.
7~get a twitter account. Twitter is free and in my opinion the best free adverting out there! download tweetdeck to better work this site, it helps a lot! Find it here
That's enough to get you started, please PM me if you have any questions or ask them here in this post. I will help the best I can :) Have a great day and happy selling!

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