Thursday, December 24, 2009

Coolshirts2cheap's after Christmas sale starts now: thermal shirts, the Simpsons, hippie peace

Coolshirts2cheap's After Christmas sale starts today! This sale won't last forever so check us out! Here's just a few of the over a 130 items just reduced by 50%: The Simpson's Homer guitar God t-shirt, Hippie chick embellished peace sign fleece lined hoodie in juniors' 1X, Hybrid angel tees, colorful zip up hoodie tops, funky leopard spotted hoodies, pretty butterfly burn out thermal style tops, Fleece lined rose tattoo style hoodie jackets, Men's Fox Motor cross, Miami Ink, and The Rolling stones thermal style tops. Check out more awesome deals from coolshirts2cheap, don't pay to much for your name brand items...get Coolstuff2cheap! Follow the red door to go directly to our store.
Cool Shirts Store
Look for the red 50% off dots to save big. We do combine shipping!

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