Tuesday, December 29, 2009

so what's your drama? Something just burn your hide...vent here!

So did someone piss you off today? Is something just burning your biscuits and you want to get it off your chest....feel free to vent here!
I've got a gripe....Ebay just pisses me off! It makes me so sick to see how they treat their 'valued customers', many of my friends here on ebay have been treated badly by them and it's just not right, my prediction for ebay this year....a drop in profits and a mass immigration. Many people are leaving and going to other sites that are up and coming like Bon and ecrater. So long ebay you douche bag! Unfortunately ebay is necessary evil for right now but hopefully in time I can wean myself away soon. SOOOO, tell me about it, what really gets your goat?Photobucket

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