Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The new ebay fee changes and what it means to Coolstuff2cheap

With the newest hike in ebay fees just release Coolshirts2cheap is making big changes. We will be closing this store. I simply refuse to pay ebay MORE for doing nothing. We already do all of our own advertising and ebay just has their hands too deep in our pockets as it is. I simply don't believe that ebay will increase our search or make our items more visible . Did you know that ebay is offer special rates to bigger sellers, lower fees and will automatically remove any negative feedback? Ebay has just broke this camel's back with this last straw. BUT we will be keeping Coolstuff2cheap online with ebay , until we know exactly what this new fee structure is going to cost us. In addition to the one store on ebay, we will put the majority of our energy into our other sites on Bonanzle and ecrater.com. I'm actually hopeful that these other sites will see a surge of ebay refugees, along with more exposure for these sites and more sales. Over the next month we will be moving our items from our shirts store to Coolstuff2cheap. I would like to wish everyone luck with whatever they decide to do.

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