Saturday, January 2, 2010

So, was your New Years resolution to loose weight this year?

So, was your New Years resolution to loose weight this year? Sucks, I know. I've been a lifetime member of weight watchers myself and have lost 80 pounds on 2 separate occasions, and have gained it back, so I defiantly know how hard it is to drop weight. I'm currently easing back into to it, increasing my exercise and watching what I'm eating. For me it's a lifelong battle that I fight, I win and I loose, I call myself a professional looser :) I've done it all! Here are some tips I've used that have helped me.
1- Write down what you eat! I know everybody says it, but it works! It makes you be accountable, you see it, it's real.
2- Weigh yourself weekly. Weighing yourself everyday can greatly change your mood for the good or bad...the first 3 weeks are the most important to your efforts, most people give up during this time, a normal weight fluctuation can really throw you off.
3- Don't do take out or junk food. The grease is junk food is very additive, the more you have, the more you will want...when I use to have a craving, I would resist and take the money I would have spent on a Big Mac & fries and put it in a jar. I Saved for a couple of weeks and I treated myself to something nice.
4- Reward yourself! Go ahead give yourself a treat for being so good. BUT not a food related one, try a pedicure, or get your hair deserve it!
5- Have a free day. Allow yourself once a week to have a 'free day'. For me it was a big part of my longevity, I've got a long way, and I can't realistically think I'll never have cookies again, so, once a week I have cookies, as many as I want. I allow myself to have 2 items that I really like that aren't on my 'diet plan', for you it might be Doritos. This is one sure that the very next day you're back on plan.
6-Know what type of eater your are. I'm a binge eater, for me it's like a snow ball rolling down hill...not pretty:) Other types are eating when your board, tired, or emotional. 'grazing' is another type, this person nibbles all day. Believe it or not, A lot of people can't tell the difference in being thirsty and hungry. Before you have a mid meal snack try something to drink might surprise you.
7- Drinking enough water is important. Some people hate water though...drink crystal lite counts like drinking water.
8- Keep your food separate from the rest of your family. I kept all my snacks in a large plastic tote. It's important that we not tempt ourselves with little Tommy's fudge cookies right now
9- eating prepared meals like weight watchers or lean cuisine will help at first when you need to pay attention to portion. But it's always best to go with fresh.
10- Work your old recipes to include a low fat/cal version, most of the time your family won't even know the difference
11- you have to submit and commit! You have to be ready, you have to do it for you, you have to know it's the right choice and fit for you and your family
12-excise...uugh! who has time anymore? Well if you're serious about loosing weight it might be a necessity. I did things like hola hoop, jump rope, even started roller skating again. Now we've got the Wii, that's a fun work out and low impact.
13- Support helps, find someone who you can talk to, who can relate. If you need support, I'd be glad to listen :)
14- Forgive yourself. Too many times we beat the crap out of ourselves, we say things to ourselves we would never say to someone else. Forgive yourself, you are only human, you can only ask that you try your best. Realize some days your best will not be enough and that's OK. You will reach your goals if you never give up, the only way you won't reach your goals is if you quit.

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