Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Big changes for Coolshirts2cheap!

We're excited to announce BIG changes for our coolshirts2cheap store!
First, you've probably noticed our new avi by now, this is the avi I use on my Biz site.
Secondly, we're moving our store location! We will be closing our Coolshirts2cheap on ebay and moving to Bonanzle.com. What can we offer at Bonz? Lower prices! That's right! With my overhead cost reducing so will my prices! You'll be able to save 30%-50% off my ebay prices! Lower shipping cost! I'm happy to say I'll be able to ship your items for cost with no handling fees! More merchandise! With all the money I'll be saving I can focus on purchasing more of the items my buyers want. A friendly pleasant and professional atmosphere! Bonz is fun with lots of neat things to do like viewing handpicked lists, leaving messages on sellers message boards and reading loads of post from other sellers and buyers! It's very community friendly! Bonanzle also accepts Paypal so that every purchase is covered under the PayPal protection policy. We have a profile page set up for buyers to view my policies, personal endorsements from other buyers, a few our personal handpicked lists, our likes and dis-likes, this helps you get to know the people you buy from on a personal level. You can also view my over 4000 positive feedback and see what my buyers are saying about us! We will be continuing to consider your offers, please note that your offers include shipping, so please be nice & reasonable, in my booth NO reasonable offer is ever refused! We're also going to let buyers buy from both our stores and combine shipping from the 2. You'll still have two separate invoices but with a combined shipping cost. We're offering super fast shipping! We ship all items within 24 hours of cleared payment so you get your items fast! You'll get Faster communication. Bonz offers us great ways to stay in touch with buyers. You can instant message me to come to my booth for questions. And finally you'll get my personal guarantee that my items are as listed and described or I'll return your money and I won't ship. Making our customers is our # 1 priority at Coolshirts2cheap. If you would like to view my booth and see what I've been up to so far click my fairy avi at the top of this page! Stop by and say Hi! To take a peek at our over 1000 items in our Coolstuff2cheap booth click the square Coolstuff Avi!

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