Sunday, June 6, 2010

Coolshirts2cheap goes Bonz crazy! Check out my newly listed items!

Coolshirts2cheap is making our new home! Within the month it is our intention to close our ebay Coolshirts2cheap store and make bonz our next big adventure. Take a peek at jus a few of the items I just listed! Max Rave cropped blue jean jackets, Johnathon Martin flower printed sun dresses, Kirra Sunshine fuzzy plaid slippers, Route 66 fuzzy sweater vest tops, Faded Glory Shiny black windbreakers, Trendy book bags, retro Alice in Wonderland tees, Plus size clothing, Brooklyn Xpress tees, Hippie style patchwork purses, Batman back packs, and MSK plus size woman's summer dresses. Click the picture to go directly to our booth!

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